Noah's Outreach

Offering Life, Abundant Love, Hope for the Future

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About Us

Noah's Outreach is a living memorial in honor of our son, Noah Matthew Andes, who we lost to a stillbirth August 4, 2007.  Since then, in cooperation with Blacksburg Baptist Church, contributions to the Noah Matthew Andes Memorial Fund have helped us reach out to the community.  Our ministry operates solely from the love gifts from others. Any contribution is appreciated, including the donation of blankets.  

While we have felt compelled to reach out to parents of infants and those who have suffered a loss similar to our own, Noah's Outreach is a non-denominational community-centered ministry.  We are also reaching further to other communities in southwestern Virginia, as the Lord provides.  Although we are currently focusing on southwestern Virginia, we will send "Noah" Bibles, New Testaments and blankets to anyone, wherever there is a need of comfort and hope. 

"Noah" Bibles have gone to servicemen and women oversees, families who have lost children and contributors to Noah's Outreach.  Every item given away is a gift, without obligation.  We feel that it is important that those receiving "Noah" Bibles, New Testaments and blankets know what we are doing. 

Phillip & Karen Andes